Saturday, November 1, 2008

Devin's Eagle Project

We spent most of the day working on Devin's Eagle Project. He has been ready to do the project since we moved here but things have been at stand still until now. He is putting a flag pole in at the church that we attend. Daniel did the same project in Vegas and so did Uncle Kerry. It is becoming the Davis trademark for Eagle Projects.

He has been working on the first phase of the project, paper work and the fund raiser. Today we did the second phase of the project. We dug the hole, put the sleeve into the ground, and cemented it all in so that the flag pole will be secure. We had lots of help from the family and our great Home Teachers. It was a success!


Karolynn said...

That is a great project! I am super proud of that kid!

Rhonda said...

One of our boys in our Ward did the same project at our building. I hope we get to see the final project in pictures.

DeAnna Dahl Kemple said...

Great for Devin to get his project done when will he get his Eagle? I am sure your parents will come up we always look forward to spending time with them.