Thursday, March 18, 2010


On March 7, 2010 Devin turned 19! We had everyone over to celebrate his birthday and to also celebrate his mission papers being turned in.

Wednesday, March 17th we had everyone over again to celebrate the mission call. Devin is going to be serving in the OR, Eugene mission, English speaking. He will be leaving May 12th. We are very excited to have Devin serve a mission and serve the Lord. He is a great son and a good example to all his friends.

We are especially excited for Devin to go this mission because he will be in the same mission as his cousin. Linda's boy, Justin, is in the same mission and we are hoping they will get to be companions. Devin was sure he wouldn't get to see Justin until his 2 years were up but now we hope he will get to see him in the mission field.

Very exciting times!