Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Started

I decided to try out this blogging thing that everyone is so crazy about. I am not very computer savy but, will see if I can figure out how this works. It will be an adventure to try to figure it all out.

We, the Davis Family have all migrated to Utah. We miss our home in Las Vegas but are all glad to be in the same place. We feel lucky that we are able to spend so much time together.

Steve, Devin and I are in Lehi and are loving our new home and our ward. Steve is one of the Gospel Doctrine Teachers, I am the Relief Society President, and Devin is the First Assistant in the Priest Quorum in our ward. These callings keep us busy but we love serving the Lord. Devin is entering his Senior year of High School at Lehi High and is taking two AP classes and a concurrent enrollment class at UVU. He is doing well and has made some great friends since we have moved up here. He is one of the captains on his club soccer team and is gearing up for High School soccer again too. He is a defender now and just eats, sleeps and breathes soccer. He is a good kid and we enjoy having him around when he is home. He is also working at Firehouse Car wash in American Fork and is doing so well. He was employee of the month after only having been there a few months and is now being considered for an afternoon supervisor position.
Steve is still at Zions Bank and seems to enjoy his job there. He has started running every morning and has worked hard at losing weight and trying to get in shape. He has lost 50 lbs and is keeping it off. We are all proud of him and his efforts. He loves to hike and enjoy the beautiful mountains we have around us but we don't get to go as often as he would like. As for me, I am kept extremely busy with Relief Society and I am doing preschool again up here. My love for the children has motivated me to get started again. This year I am only doing two classes which I think is where I will try to stay. It allows me to spend time with the children and enjoy their enthusiasm but still have plenty of freedom to do what I want to in the afternoons. I have enjoyed making new friends and re-connecting with some old friends since we have moved up here.

Shauna and Sam have just recently re-located to Utah. Sam got a new job working in Salt Lake and so they made the decision to move here. I am thrilled to have them here. It was a struggle to get from Texas to here but they are finally getting settled. They just bought a house in Highland and are attempting to get settled. Shauna is still working for Microsoft and is still able to work from home. Sam is liking his new job. They are still trying to get everything organized and get settled in their new home but seem to be adjusting OK. Shauna is also coaching gymnastics at a gym that she coached at when she was at BYU.

Daniel and Nicole are still living in Provo and are going to school at BYU. Daniel is working towards a Computer Science degree and Nicole is working toward an Elementary Education degree. Nicole is doing her student teaching this semester and will be done in December. Daniel still has another year and a half left. They are both working, as well. Daniel is working at Convergys and Nicole is working at the library at BYU.

Krista and Chris bought a town home in Eagle Mountain and are liking it out there. Krista graduated from Bon Losee and is now working in a really nice salon in West Jordan. It is called Kellie and Company and she is doing really well. She loves doing hair and we all benefit greatly from her talent. She is enjoying fixing up her new home and has a talent for that as well. She likes to help me update and fix up my home too. Chris is at UVU as a business major and also works full-time at Stewart's Pest Control. He is a hard worker and is getting close to finishing school. Chris recently finished the basement in their new home and did most of the work himself. He did a great job and it has added to the value of their home. He and Krista learned a lot in the process and they are happy to have the extra space.

We are lucky to be able to spend so much time together as a family and feel extremely blessed to be so close to each other right now. As you can tell, we are blessed with wonderful children and those that are married have chosen wonderful spouses. It's great to see your children grow up and become such wonderful adults.