Saturday, September 25, 2010

SoJo Half Marathon!

In May, Shauna and I started training to run a half marathon. She chose SoJo (South Jordan) because it was mostly down hill and since we are first timers she decided that it would be best for us. We trained when we could but had a few set backs. First, I hurt my calf on one of our runs and as much I tried to keep running, I kept hurting until I finally took a month off. Then, Shauna hurt her back and that set us back a little too. Between all our different schedules and set-backs and illnesses we did manage to do some training. We were only able to do one "long" run, but we were feeling OK with all that we had been doing. We were slow but still did OK.

This morning was our race! They started a little late and we did pretty good. I hit a wall at about mile 9, my hip was hurting pretty bad by this time but we kept on going but I was slowing down quite a bit. By mile 12 I was struggling but kept on going. Shauna was great to stick with me, even though she could have gone faster. We did it in a little under 2:40. I am just happy that we finished and we weren't last in each of our age brackets.

Steve was so nice to meet us at the finish line with flowers for us and then took us to get smoothies. It was a great accomplishment for both Shauna and I and I am glad she talked me into it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Bit of Summer Fun!

Krista, Brooklyn, our neighbor, Janet and I went up to Midway for Swiss Days. It was fun to get away for the afternoon and enjoy the festivities of Swiss Days. We had fun shopping and eating. I tried my first Navajo Taco and we ate yummy strawberries and cream and a very yummy scone. We bought lots of fun things for the house and yard. It was pretty hot up there but it was a great day!

Most of the family went to see "Lion King" at the Capitol Theater on Saturday night. It was a great performance and the costumes were spectacular. The music was great and I loved some of the new songs. We had the best seats too which made it even better.

Shauna, Sam, Steve, and I went rafting down the Provo River on Labor Day! We had a fun time once we finally figured out how to row together. Our family has way too many control freaks and so it so funny to watch us do something like that. I think we would be great on The Amazing Race. It was fun to float down the river and enjoy the day.

Now it is time for me to get back to work. School has started again and I need to get back into the swing of things. I am excited for a great year with the kids again. I have been working really hard on getting things ready for the kids.