Saturday, March 7, 2009

New News!

I am going to try to update some of the new things in our lives.

1. Devin got accepted to BYU and will be attending in the fall.
2. Daniel had his 25th birthday!
3. Steve had surgery on his eye. They were able to correct quite a few things and he is doing pretty good. He is in some pain and has some discomfort still. He still has to wear a patch and he doesn't like that. It will be a few more weeks with the patch.
4. Devin finally got all his paperwork turned in for his Eagle and we should be having the board of review soon and then we can plan a Court of Honor.
5. After a tedious and nerve wracking (for mom) soccer try-out Devin is on the Lehi High Soccer team again this year.
5. Today is Devin's 18th birthday and we are having a party tonight with all his friends. Should be fun!

That is our life in a nut-shell. We are all fine but I, especially have been crazy busy!