Wednesday, December 30, 2009

As you can tell I have neglected the blog this past few months. Life has been very busy with church callings, preschool, and just busy in general. We have enjoyed spending time together as a family and Steve and I both had the opportunity to spend time traveling with our dads. I went on a Mediterranean Cruise and toured Greece, Italy, Turkey, and Egypt. Steve went to Mexico and Guatamala and toured the Book of Mormon sites down there. I will post pictures soon.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope all is well with everyone. We are lucky to have everyone close and are going to relish the next few months as Daniel finishes school. We don't know where jobs will take them but a mom could only hope that they stay close. We enjoy Brooklyn every day as they have been living with us for the past few months as they try to save and find a home close by. We are truly blessed and are grateful for family!

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DeAnna Dahl Kemple said...

LOve the new family pictures. I am glad you had a good trip with the Kemple's.